Recovery America LLC provides repossession services to varied Clients i.e. Banks, Credit Unions, Car Dealers, Auctions, Finance Companies, Law Firms, and other verifiable Lien holders.  We recover vehicles, boats, planes, various types of equipment-heavy or business and just about anything that can be moved.



A voluntary surrender is when the debtor has agreed to release the collateral to an appointed representative of the Lien Holder.  As an appointment with the debtor is generally required, our Recovery Agent will contact the debtor to make the arrangements, should there be no prearranged set up.  We will recover your collateral and transport it as per your Recovery Services Agreement. As with all recovered units, a Condition Report would be processed and forwarded to you.



Recovery America LLC can arrange to pick up or to have your collateral delivered to one of our locations.  Processing will take place as per other recoveries and forward all information.  Pictures can be obtained at the Client’s request.  We can then liquidate your collateral by accepting bids or selling through an auction of your choice.  Arrangements can be made for your collateral to be delivered upon request.





Recovery America LLC has over 10 acres secured storage. Simply stated, Recovery America LLC can store any piece of collateral upon request.



Recovery America LLC will investigate any address, person, or business at your request.  We will provide any type of information that you might legally request.



Recovery America LLC will complete a condition report on the collateral at a location that you request.  We will provide as many digital pictures as needed to provide a full and complete description of your collateral.



Recovery America LLC uses as many digital pictures as it takes with a complete disposition report of your collateral upon request. This service generally will assist in determining if your collateral is worth recovering or not when the value is in question.



Recovery America LLC has over $30,000.00 invested in key cutting and computer programming equipment.  We can cut nearly every key in house.  Some exceptions exist but are handled on a case by case basis. All keys will be cut upon recovery to ensure prompt processing of the collateral.

Each office location has a cutting machine, a programming machine, and complete key blank inventory.  Our Locksmith stays current with all locksmith changes and training.



Recovery America LLC offers a full service in preparing your collateral to be sold.   From engine repairs to auto body work to auto detailing, simply request more information about this service.



Working with local authorities when a unit has been impounded is alot like walking through a mine field.  Road blocks seem inevitable to finally get through the paperwork maze to find out the unit is not worth the recovery.  Recovery America LLC has experience dealing with just about any impound.  Over the years, we have fine tuned the relationships and the process to make it as smooth as possible for all involved.  When your collateral is located in an impound you will realize that having a relationship with Recovery America LLC really has its advantages.



Recovery America LLC’s experience in replevin services is apparent by our relationship with the law officials.  We will coordinate with the officials and work with them to serve the debtor legal notice.  We will attempt to locate the collateral and advise the law enforcement so that they can recover the collateral and surrender it to our Company.  We will process the unit as we would any other recovery.  This service is generally more expensive than involuntary repossessions because of the time and effort required to achieve all the above.  Please contact our office for more information on this service.